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Prepaid Maintenance


As your speed increases, your field of vision decreases. When driving 60 mph,

your field of vision is reduced to one-fifth of what your field of vision is when your vehicle is stationary.

At 60 MPH, 1 second of reaction time equals 88 feet on the road.

Vision Clear

Vision Clear Glass Protector is a unique, long-lasting, polymer coating that creates a hydrophobic (water-repellent) surface on the glass. Using proprietary nano-chemistry originally developed for the space program, VCGP penetrates deep into the micro crevices of glass and chemically bonds to its surface.


  • Water-repellent coating
  • Attaches and cures to glass
  • Reduces night glare by 34%
  • Improves strength up to 15%
  • Long lasting aerospace formula
  • Increases scratch resistance
  • Resists chips, pits, cracks, and breakage
  • Snow and ice are easily removed
  • Improves visibility in rain and snow


The uneven surface of an untreated windshield refracts light creating the “glare” e-ect from the sun or oncoming headlights. Vision Clear smooths the surface to sharpen light and reduce glare.
Protect your reaction time, safety, and clarity of the road ahead with Vision Clear.

Top: An untreated windshield’s microscopic surface. Prone to crack and chip more easily, the uneven surface produces light glare, and insects & ice cling to its surface making removal difficult.

Bottom: A windshield treated with Vision clear. Increased strength, reduced light glare, and the smooth surface means ice and insects are easily removed.

Plan Benefits

Durability Guarantee

Vision Clear does not rub or wash off, and will retain its water repelling qualities. If it fails to do so for any reason, Vision Clear will be reapplied at no charge.

Product Warranty

If your treated windshield chips, the damaged portion of the windshield will be repaired if repairable.

Term of Contract

If your term is 5 years or more, return to dealer on 5th year for another windshield application.


Increase your vehicle’s resale value by transferring the product warranty to the new owner.

**If glass needs to be replaced, return to dealer for a new application.

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